Seasonal Greenhouse Work / Wenke Greenhouses

Wenke Greenhouse is currently holding job fairs. Starting Monday, February 6, 2017

Job fairs will be held Monday thru Friday @ 11 AM at the following locations;

2525 N. 30th Street, Kalamazoo MI 49048 (3 miles east of Sprinkle Rd, in-between H Avenue and East Main)

5268 East O Avenue, Kalamazoo MI 49048 (About 1 mile from corner of Sprinkle & Milham Road. Visitor entrance is around the back of the building) 

These job fairs include a tour of our facility and information about the jobs. You must arrive by the time listed above to be able to tour the facility. If you have a resume, please bring it with you to the job fair.

 Apply in person only by attending a job fair. Do not send resume.


2525 N. 30th Street, Kalamazoo Michigan 49048

5268 E. O Avenue, Kalamazoo Michigan 49048

5886 Market Street, Kalamazoo Michigan 49048



Transplant Department (transplanting plants from a tray to a pot/basket) - Watch a Video

This is a medium impact position with a lot of upper body movement. Transplanting is done from a standing position and you will repetitively either plant, label, stack product onto carts or load conveyor line. You will stand in one place most of the day. Transplant is fast paced line work which you have to do your part in order to keep the line moving. Hand/Eye coordination is very important as well as being able to pay attention to detail. You must have an eye for quality while looking for non-uniform plant material as you are planting.

The transplant department will start getting busy the end of January and will likely work thru the end of April. At this point you may be asked to move onto different departments which are more physically demanding and require a great deal of walking, bending and lifting at a steady pace. Some of these other departments could continue on until around June 15th.

Move & Space (The process of laying down potted plants on the floor in the greenhouse,  moving potted plants from area to area and placing hanging baskets up in the air)

This is a high impact position with a lot of full body movement. Being able to bend/stoop frequently to pick up potted plants from the floor and transfer them to the cart, hang baskets up high with a ladder/plunger and being able to be on your feet throughout the whole day are the physical aspects of this position. Being able to pay attention to detail is very important in this job as you will need to determine east from west, space potted plants in a uniform fashion with the labels all facing the same way and match numbers from the worksheet to the tags. Move & Space is done while working throughout the greenhouse, therefore you must to be able to self-motivate yourself.  The Move & Space department will start getting busy in mid-February and will likely last thru mid-June. 

Starting pay for these positions is $10.00 per hour.

Normal hours will be 8 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Friday for Transplant and 8 AM to 4 PM Tuesday thru Friday for sticking, but can be extended starting at 6 AM or ending at 6 PM, as needed. Some Saturdays may be required. Other work schedules are available if requested.

A greenhouse in the Spring Season is a beautiful place to work. However, the greenhouse environment is often damp and having wet feet is not uncommon. Temperatures inside the greenhouse vary – some areas are quite warm while other areas can be on the cold side.

Most importantly, we are looking for quality, dependable employees.  We are willing to make reasonable accommodations for schedules and times of availability.

For more information, please call 269-349-4046.