You can always count on Wenke Greenhouses for a wide assortment of plant material, accurate availability, automatic order confirmation, and frequent delivery. In addition, we offer several extra benefits to help you be more efficient and profitable.

Smart Documents  

take advantage of easier ordering and receiving with Wenke's smart Availability Forms and invoices.

Our Excel order forms are emailed multiple times each week during spring. They contain current product photos, combo recipes, links to marketing tools for end caps, and built-in formulas to make ordering a breeze.

We also have the ability to print scannable barcodes on delivery invoices for accurate and efficient receiving.



Save time and labor costs during the rack-to-register process and ensure pricing accuracy.

Our custom pre-priced labels include your store name and retail price, in addition to the product name and bar code. 

Pre-pricing information is needed prior to each season. Contact your sales representative for more details.

Only items sold as individual units are eligible for pre-pricing. 


marketing support  

Wenke has POP Posters, plant mannequins and free Marketing tools to promote end cap plants.

Customers who prebook plants in the Wenke End Cap Program can reap the additional benefits of low-cost POP posters and plant mannequins to enhance product display. 

We also offer, a stand-alone website containing free content for newsletters, social media marketing and in-store training. 


WEnke and Sunbelt Greenhouses have recycled more than 150 tons of plastic Since 2010. 

Wenke customers may return plastic from any grower at the end of each season by neatly (and securely) stacking trays and pots on empty carts. We'll keep it out of landfills for you!

 (To learn more about recycling grower plastic, take a look at this video from East Jordan Plastics.)